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E3 Lawn Mower Spark Plugs

Tired of re-cranking your lawnmower every time it bogs downs? It's probably time to change the plug rather than putting it off until the next time you mow your lawn. In fact, your lawn and garden equipment can be a major source of air pollution and hard on the wallet. After all, approximately 54 million Americans cut their grass every week. In the process, about 800 million gallons of gasoline are burned each year. The California Air Resources Board estimates that a gas-powered lawnmower can emit about the same amount of pollutants in one hour as driving your car for 13 hours.

Extensive testing has shown that E3 lawn mower spark plugs will burn fuel more completely in your lawnmower engine's combustion area before the exhaust event ever occurs. Plus, E3 plugs were engineered to last longer, significantly reducing the number of discarded spark plugs that wind up in local landfills. So, don't delay. Stop by your favorite auto parts, home improvement or hardware store to pick up an E3 for your lawnmower. Replace the plug, clean the air filter and you can eliminate those frustrating "stop-and-go's" for repeatedly cranking your stalled mower engine.

E3 Small Engine Spark Plugs

Ever notice that cloud of blue smoke that fills the air when you crank your edger, blower or weed eater? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that older engines like those used for landscaping equipment pose significant environmental concerns. In fact, recent environmental studies suggest that in small engines, up to 30% of the exhausted gases is raw fuel. That's bad for our planet and wasteful of your hard-earned dollars. Help to make a difference. Replace your standard plug with an E3 small engine spark plug for a cleaner, more complete burn.

E3 Lawn & Garden Spark Plugs have a Lifeime Guarantee

E3 small engine spark plugs have the same patented edge-to-edge electrode that has been proven to burn fuel more efficiently inside the motor's combustion zone well before the exhaust cycle occurs. It has been suggested that the best way to fight global warming is to "Think Globally and Act Locally". This is an ideal opportunity for you to help reduce the amount of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other harmful hydrocarbons that are exhausted into the air we breathe. Visit our website's Spark Plugs Catalog section to locate the E3 retailer nearest you.